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CENFIC - Training Centre for the Construction Industry

Contact Name
Isabel Santiago

Av. Severiano Falcao, Quinta das Pretas,
2689-516 Prior Velho, Portugal

Contact Information:
Tel: 0035 121 940 6300
Fax: 0035 121 940 6370

Type of Business
Vocational training centre for the building industry.

Number of Staff

Number of Trainees
YOUTH (16-25): 800
ADULT (25+): 1700

Types of Training
The main construction training organisation in south Portugal, CENFIC provides vocational training in engineering, bricklaying, carpentry and plumbing,
painting, electricity, plastery, heavy equipment drivers as well as intermediary and further training for topographers, draftsmen and heads of staff. Training takes place in traditional workshops but also with 'in-job training' and apprecticeship schemes throughout South and Central Portugal.

Previous ESF Involvement
On the European level, CENFIC has been involved with Petra, Now, Force, Iris, Lingua, Euroform, Euroqualifications, Adapt and Leonardo da Vinci.

Local Partners
CENFIC works on projects together with the local authorities and enterprises, and aims at the decentralization of craftsman training. It runs a private management together with the I.E.F.P. (Institution for Employment and Professional Training), representing the Employment and Qualification Ministry.

Other Information
The object of CENFIC is to respond to the needs of the Construction and Public Works Sector in permanent dialogue with the enterprises, and the analysis of training and labour requirements. In addition to the transnational projects with the EU, CENFIC also has projects with Africa and South America.