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EBSA negotiates conditions with suppliers on behalf of its shareholders in framework purchasing agreements at which the shareholders can purchase goods/services.


Our mission

As a dynamic start-up, we have set ourselves the goal of transforming the procurement landscape with our expertise and professional competence. Our two-person team with more than 100 years of purchasing experience is committed to meeting the needs of our shareholders. With the planned expansion of our shareholder base, we are aiming for a purchasing volume of one billion euros. Benefit from our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Frank Schönrath,

EBSA GmbH & Co. KG / CEO

EBSA GmbH & Co. KG is the operating company in which other shareholders - in addition to the founding shareholders Haus Cramer Group and Karlsberg Holding - will also participate in the future. EBSA GmbH & Co. KG works exclusively for its shareholders.

Our founding partners

Right in the middle

We are right in the middle of it. We understand the requirements of manufacturers and the demands of suppliers. Our aim is to work closely together to achieve a good result for everyone.

For companies

We work on your behalf to negotiate terms and conditions with suppliers in framework purchasing agreements

For suppliers

You have the raw materials, we bring the customers. Together, this leads to a sustainable and good cooperation

Our task

As a purchasing company, our main task is to purchase goods and services from various suppliers

Our team

Get to know our entire team. A meeting at eye level. 

Our location

Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 7
65760 Eschborn

Arrange an appointment with us

We would like to invite you to our premises in Eschborn to get to know our entire team. Our experts bring over 100 years of purchasing experience to the table. 


Postal address

Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 7
65760 Eschborn




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